Cement Sculpture WEGREY

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Our one of a kind cement sculpture planters are
perfectly durable for either indoor or outdoor use.
No two planters are the same, which makes this a
unique addition to your home. Inspired by quaint
European oceanside resort towns, Kasia created
these unique planters to impart a mysterious
underwater coral reef vibe to any living space.
She hopes through her work that the spirit of the
ocean is with you always. Each Sculpture Planter
is also signed and dated by Kasia on the base.
Large Planter: approximate size
8" pot, 4.5" tall, 7" wide
*Planters DO NOT come with succulent
arrangements or accessories; pictures feature
examples of use. Each planter is completely
unique and will look similar to listing but not exact.
Please check out our news page for pop up shop
and gallery updates to purchase sculptures with