About Us

I Coming from the Polish town Kolobrzeg, living only a stones throw away from the Baltic Sea Kasia grew up loving the plants and beautiful motif around her.  Her love for plants came at an early age by learning the ways of botany and the healing properties of nature from her mother who also taught her that if you can't buy it you have to make it. Always feeling alive and refreshed-surrounded by vegetation Kasia realized there was almost a magical quality of peace and serenity whenever she was around plant life and beauty. She knew at a young age that this healed the mind and body and how it could help others. After high school Kasia got her MBA at studying to be a trustee. Graduating college she decided at 26 to take a break to visit the United States where she learned English as her second language. Kasia started a career in human resources but was not happy and needed something more, a challenge. This is when Artzykasia was born. Seeing a need Kasia reflected back to her youth and decided to pursue her dreams of becoming a artist and helping people with her twisted sculpture designs, making her impossible dreams a reality. Kasia has now come full circle by putting plants and beauty together to heal the soul. Bringing the beauty of nature and exquisite art together Kasias elegant designs come to life and grow before your eyes. Her color schemes and beautiful displays relax and calm the mind and body, bringing new life and harmony to their suroundings